Inside Us a Heaven

We have & hold worlds in the palms of our hands, 
reach out touching tomorrow's sands waters of 
time. We love or have loved with the lining of our 
souls, from once broken but healed places, ever 
teaching, leading & longing to give back ourselves. 
With us, no thing ends, is unobtainable, unachievable, 
undone. Nothing’s forever unknown.

Inside us a Heaven opens, a truth unveiled. There is a 
singing, a strong song lulling us through pain, fear 
& whatever shame a strong wind has blown down 
in us, religiously knowing all wisdom, all truth, all
understanding, always a redeeming love.

We have buried woes in plots of hope beneath old 
stones of expectation, bleeding & freely breeding new 
life from those pieces left behind. The universe has left 
us comforted by a joy that mourning brings, healed 
by a sad story spun to make us whole.

Copyrighted May 10, 2014 Latorial Faison