Fast Girls

Mama always said this about fast girls,
that they were "faster than butter
runnin down a hot knife."
Everything done in the dark
will sho nuf come to the light,
and it don't take long either.

And for hangin out at night,
Momma said ain't nothing good
goin on in the streets
but stuff to be ashamed of later on in life,
like teen-age girls poppin their coat-tails
to men old enuf to be their grand daddies
and boys hustlin dope and makin babies
before they themselves become men.

Naw, there ain't nothin good happenin
after twelve o'clock
when everybody should be asleep
in their own house
wit they own folks.

But fast girls . . .
they like to come home
in the morning
bringing early babies
wit late daddies.

That's what Momma always said.
ain't no need in rushin life
cause we ain't gone do no more
than the good Lord wants us to.

from Secrets of My Soul by Latorial Faison Copyright © 2001