How Did You Decide?

How did you decide
to love me
with all of my selfish pride
my problems, my complaints
Lord knows I'm no saint
and you love me still
sometimes against my own will

How did you decide
to replace my frowns
with your incarnate smiles
that you'd lift me higher
when I'm feeling low down
lying on the cold, cold ground
you cradle me calmly, closely
in all of my misery.

How did you decide
to weather a she storm
her raging winds blowing
from night until new dawn
taking the uncertain good
with the familiar bad
a different life
you might have had.

How did you decide
to place miracles in my stride
as sure as hearts deserve
you unquestionably adorn 
me with the nerve
to live and live again
as I flee from halls of sin
you are my hope, my salvation song
in your will, I'm free from harm.

How did you decide
to trust me, keep me, please me
with my emotional baggage
I declare . . . that's not easy
you repeat the cycle in tireless ways
revealing hope in the existence of new days
translating my wishes 
into the bewilderment of being
you give this life I live new meaning.

How did you decide
to take a single, solitary me
make my woman soul believe
that this task, this life could be done
and that I'm the chosen one
to love man, to bear seed
that I'd bring forth comfort
in times of need.

How did you decide
to choose me, to change me
heart, mind, body and soul
one who doesn't fit the mold
of those in stories you've told
I'm but a wretch to behold
with complexities and inner conflicts untold
How did you decide
on me?

Copyright © 2001 Latorial Faison |

from Secrets of My Soul (Cross Keys Press, 2001)