Tribute to a Church Mother

by Latorial Faison

Living for Jesus, she takes the journey in stride knowing the end will be sweet with Him by her side. Believing in God the Father, believing in God the Son, with the comfort of the the Holy Spirit, her battles are forever won.  

If she kneels down to pray when it seems there's no time left, she  finds healing in His Word and strength within herself.  Friends and neighbors are treasured, but her goal is not to please them; her aspiration, her soul intent, is living for Jesus.  

Living for Jesus, she is strong and true, blessing others in His name, giving honor where it is due. She gives of herself in the way of Christ and encourages those she meets to live the Holy life.  She leads by example realizing that faith without works is dead. She walks in the light and trusts that He will do just what He said. 

Living for Jesus, she is Christ's chosen woman, testifying of His great works, bearing witness to His soon coming.  She sacrifices herself just like a Christian should. Though she endures trying times, she's always glad that for Him she stood. 

She may often be confused, and her way may seem hard. But in moments of distress, she stands on the  promises of God.  He gives her life. He gives her joy.  She lives on in Jesus forever more.

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